Cadie + Jack Wedding

Hello everyone. We are back with another blog post. This time we are highlighting Cadie and Jack's wedding. It was so amazing to work with the two. One thing we loved about Cadie and Jack was their style. From day one we've always know that they were the perfect match for our style of photography. Though it rained on their wedding day, that didn't stop us from getting amazing photos and having a blast! Thank yall so much Cadie & Jack. Love you!

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Jessica + Michael (Lake Charles, LA)

I have to start off by saying that I'm in love with Jessica's style. She is really into that rustic decorum that I absolutely love. She's also very much into Spanish Moss. She loves it so much that she included it in her bouquet. I mean really...who does that? It was such a cool detail and I definitely think she's gonna start a trend with that one. Plus she had sticks in her bouquet, another really different feature I appreciated. Aside from her style Jessica is one of the sweetest people in this world!

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Raisa + Jeff | Wedding

So I’ve been waiting quite a while to be able to blog about Raisa & Jeff’s wedding. It was even more of a joy to shoot it last weekend and boy did I have a blast. As I’m typing this, there’s so many awesome memories I’m reminded of from their beautiful day.

We began the day at Salon Nivag’ where the talented Jennifer (Brow Chick) did Raisa’s makeup and wonderful Kuri did her hair.

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Raisa + Jeff Engagements

Just thought I'd leave you with a sweet little blog post going into the weekend. I'm super pumped to share part two of Raisa & Jeff's engagement session with you all. Raisa and Jeff is the kind of couple that you'd totally see in a movie about love. Seriously though, they both look like actors and are so photogenic. i love their sort of hipster/vintage/boho style if that's the correct way to describe. It is always a pleasure to meet with them both, which is why I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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Cadie + Jack Engagements

 I'm back here with another amazing couple to spotlight, Cadie and Jack. It's definitely safe to say that everything about their engagement shoot was on point. From the moment we arrived to rice field (yes you read correctly, rice field) and took the first test shot, I knew it would be a memorable session.

We started out at the rice field where Jack works and it was so awesome to see the huge tractors in their shots. So it was great incorporate his place of work but even more so, it was sentimental for how much the location meant to Cadie as well.

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