Eminence Collection 2016

So twenty sixteen has come to an end! Change is good; that's just what we have done in 2016. The past 12 months has represented much for Quinton Charles Photography in terms of brand and identity. This year and the years to come we decided to take a strong approach to photographing couples and their love for each other. We believe that every union has a unique story that should be told and shared with the world.

With that being said,  we put together an array of our most outstanding images of 2016 to form the Eminence Collection. The purpose in this is to give honor and recognition to the photographs and couples in the following categories: best couple, best moment, best theme, notable images, best bride and best wedding.

So let's get started, shall we?

Best Couple

Our 'best couple' recognition goes to the couple that we felt had the deepest connection in photographing them. We like to call these our 'puzzle pieces' because they 'just fit.' From start to finish every moment was magical. This recognition is a tie between Sherry & Bradley Payne and Erika St. Germain & Jared Robicheaux (Engaged) 

Best Moment

As you all know, we are really really really big into moments! It's the one thing we love capturing at every wedding. Sure, we still fancy our posed pics but we love getting those naturally unrehearsed moments. So this recognition goes to the most non-staged meaningful moment of the year. Honestly, this is usually the time we are hiding behind the camera in tears; it happened at this point. And this recognition goes to Kristina Bailey and her bride's maids. This photo was taken right before she walked down the aisle. It's so important to us because at immediately before their heartwarming hugs they had one of the most powerful prayers. The hug was felt as though it was the amen. It was the cherry on top!

Best Theme

Another biggie for us at Quinton Charles Photography is theme. We absolutely love when we get to shoot a themed wedding, especially something vintage or old-timie! It goes well with our journalistic and timeless style of photography. This year we were able to capture that. We'd like to recognize Candice and De'Quan for having their beautiful Roaring Twenty's themed wedding. They are definitely some of our favorite images!

Notable Images

For this next category we thought we'd share more amazing images that we loved in 2016. These are images we just couldn't leave without giving them some sort of recognition. We enjoyed photographing all of these!

Best Bride

So let's be honest. The bride usually does most of the planning and carry much of the stress in putting a wedding together lol. I think we can all agree on that. This is why we have this category. There are some brides that are just amazing when it comes to that. We've had quite a few this year but one stuck out the most from them all. We have selected Lauren Seneca. I believe she already had her wedding planned years before she was even proposed to. We love that she was so organized and prepared for everything that came her way. Kudos to you Lauren. 

Best Wedding

BEST WEDDING!!!! So typically we have an ultimate wedding each year. This is the wedding that pretty much has a combination of all our selected categories. This is our Eminent Wedding. For 2016 our choice of Eminence is the Francesoni Wedding that took place in San Gregorio California at the Chateau La Joye. We couldn't imagine a wedding any better their outdoor barn wedding. Capturing these priceless moments meant everything to us. Not only was their wedding amazing but Thea and Brandon are one of our most special clients this year! They are some of the nicest people that we know and they are very near and dear to our little hearts. If we could go back, we'd do this wedding 10 times.


We love and thank everyone that we have connected with in 2016 that has played a part in our greatest times. It's safe to say that this year has been the most honorable year for Quinton Charles Photography. All these great moments will be remember and we plan on making several more in 2017. Stay tuned for more awesomeness in the next year!