Hello all. So one of the biggest questions I get is "Where will we take the pictures?". I kid you not; we receive this question all the time. And its a good question to have because we know that the location can make or break a photooshoot. So we decided to create a page that gives you a visual of the preferred places we like to shoot. So here you go! :-)

We love our free locations, however some of the locations will cost. In the possible event that you choose a paid location, the fee will be passed down to you. We are always looking to expand our horizons so we are not limited to just these locations. Feel free to recommend locations to us! We are available for travel as some locations will require a travel fee.

Red Bluff

Foxworth, Mississippi

Red Bluff is certainly one of our favorite locations. We love that it looks like nothing else in this area. It is a bit of a drive but totally worth it. From Lafayette, it's a little over 3 hours to get there. It is always a joy and a pleasure to travel here. We will just let the pictures tell you how nice this place is!

Fee: Free + Travel Fee

Kisatchie Forest

Provencal, LA

So the Kisatchi forest is right up there with Red Bluff as one of our favorite places to go. We love that there's a simple and not so dangerous trail to go through. Another thing that draws us to kisatchie is the huge trees one of a kind landscape. It's always a pleasure to travel there for an engagement session.

Fee: Free + Travel Fee


Lafayette, LA

The Horse Farm is amazing place that we love going to for photography. It's a public park for dogs, relaxation, family time, you name it!. There are several trees to provide shade for beautiful shade along with cool tree stump to sit on. There's also a bridge and plenty of open space area for portraits, This is one of our go to locations. The Horse Farm is a great pick for engagements and family photoshoots at any time of day. This location is free of charge to shoot at. However, there are talks of the city adding a price for photography so we don't know how long it'll be free for.

 2901 Johnston St

Lafayette, LA 70503



Avery Island, LA

Jungle Gardens is a location we have been using for years. What we love most about the is how big it is. It would probably take about 4 days to use every bit of this location. So we are always excited to get a new/different shot every time we go. The place is filled with different types of trees, flowers, ponds, bridges and more. You can't go wrong with Jungle Gardens. We will be very honest and say that Jungle Gardens is worth every dollar and more that you put into this location. Highly recommended.

LA-329 & Main Rd

Avery Island, LA

Fee: $50


New Iberia, LA

So New Iberia City Park is one of our newfound locations that we cannot wait to visit! We are very stoked about our next journey to this park. We've visited and noticed that this place has a little bit of everything from beautiful pond area, to a wonderful wooden bridge, and also a creek area. One thing we love about this park is that it's very diverse; this means that we can get several different kinds of pictures. You can be one of the first utilize this amazing location for engagements, graduation, and also family photos. This location is free of charge to shoot at.


300 Parkview Drive

New Iberia, LA 70563



Lafayette, LA

One of our most visited venues is the UL Alumni Center. We have shot there for years and love every bit of the grounds; from the overhead covering of greenery to the open court yard area, it is all perfect for a photo session. The UL alumni center provides a few different looks for us in one simple location. We thank the fine folks of the UL Alumni center for keeping up with the grounds and allowing us to shoot there for a low fee of $25. This is also another go to location for us. We recommend using the Alumni Center for bridals, engagements, and senior portraits (especially for girls). The alumni is a great pick for your next photography endeavors.

600 East St. Mary Blvd.

Lafayette, LA 70503

Fee: $25