Wardrobe Guide


Thank you for visiting our wardrobe guide. This guide was designed for our clients to get the very best out of their photoshoot. Our goal in every shoot is to capture beautiful and timeless moments. With that being said we have some tips that'll help us achieve our goal.



  • For our ladies we do recommend you to have your make up done. However, a nude style is preferred; it's best that your make up isn't 'cakey'
  • We advise that you also have your hair done as well.
  • ADD A HAT. This is always a great accessory to add to your photoshoot. We stress to wear casual hats. (Please stay away from baseball caps)
  • DRESS IN LAYERS. To add some style to your photoshoot you can layer your outfit. For example, if a guy is wearing a button up shirt it may be good to add a vest or sports coat.
  • MODESTY. We ask that you dress modest for your shoot as well. Showing too much skin, cleavage, etc can ruin your photos. This doesn't mean wear turtlenecks. lol 
  • One of our number one 'DONTS' is DO NOT MATCH for your photoshoot. Instead you should coordinate your colors that complement one another. Wearing the same color will make a boring shot.
  • DO NOT wear clothes that are too tight. This can ruin some of the poses we get you to do. Especially in dresses. A dress that is too tight will hinder your shoot.
  • NO STRIPES. Clothing with stripes usually make you look bigger on camera.
  • PATTERNS. We ask that if you do wear clothing that has a pattern, that it would be something that isn't distracting. Also it IS NOT a good idea for both of you to wear patterns.
  • Try to stick to solid colors. Shirts with writing draws attention to itself rather than yourself.
  • COLORS. It's best to stick to earth and muted tones.


Keep in mind that this is just a guide. You don't have to follow these rules exactly. Just some things you can be mindful of. Below are examples of wardrobe and accessories you can mimic.