What to Wear?


Well you've made it to the "What to wear page." I've designed this little guide to help our couples decide on what to wear for their sessions. Your outfits can definitely be the difference between a SUPER AWESOME session and a 'not so good' session. Hence, the reason for creating vital tips and instructions of your war drove.


1. Colors

I encourage you to stick to solid neutral & earth tone colors that contrast such as browns, mustards, blacks, creams, white, grays...you get the picture. Sticking to an earth tone color pallet will help to evoke emotion and intimacy in the photos. It also helps to keep you the center of attention. Also, I would say for you not to wear the same colors. It's best to coordinate your colors for them to compliment each other within the color pallet. A good look to go for is usually a contrast in light and dark. The contrast in colors make the photo more interesting.

2. It has to Fit

Please be sure to wear clothes that will fit you. Try to avoid wearing tight clothing because it can limit us. During the session I love my couple to interact with each other whether it's running together, holding each other or doing something silly. We don't mind having the classy formal outfits but we love the casual and comfortable outfits so we can have fun during the shoot.

3. Hair & make-up

Ladies, it's always good to get your hair and make up done before the session. This will make you look flawless in your images! It doesn't have to be over top with make up and hair. Even minimal make up with a simple hairstyle can elevate your session.

Layers & Accessories

Don't be afraid to dress in layers and incorporate accessories in your outfits. Take this image for example, the couple decided to add some pizzazz to their session with a flower crown and some cool suspenders. Even a shawl, jacket, hat, blanket and so much more will add some life to the session. Make sure that your accessories compliment what you are wearing. 


  • NO HEELS - Ladies, I'd like for you to refrain from wearing heels. I say this because during your photoshoot they will hinder us. Every now and then, I may get you and your fiancé to do a few fun activities that will require some movement that would be tough in heels.
  • NO FITTED DRESSES - Another thing I encourage you ladies to do is stay away from fitted dresses & skirts. Believe it or not, these fitted attires make you appear larger than you really are on camera. And also it is very tough to pose and direct the couple to do certain activities with the dress being fitted.
  • TIME - So this is a big one. To get the best images with perfect lighting it's best for us to start the shoot no earlier than 6:30 (depending on the location and time of year). It's better this way for not just lighting but we can avoid the blistering sun!
  • REFRESHMENTS - It's always a great idea to bring water on your photoshoot and some snacks if you'd like. In between outfit changes it may be a good idea for you to take a sip of water to stay hydrated. 


The main key for us is colors. Our work is at it's best when you follow the color guidelines. We cannot stress it enough how much of a big deal it is. Please try to stay away from being uniform in color. Do your best to contrast and have accent colors. Our best advice is to pick 3 colors to incorporate in your wardrobe; two main colors and an accent color is usually best. For you to understand the colors we are talking about we put together this palette of earth tones. You do not have to follow this exactly but it's highly recommended that you consider it!

***we love browns, blacks, mustards, & creams | our style of editing works best with these colors. It works best when the colors are contrasted (darker and lighter colors)***

colors copy.png


Thank you for taking the time to view the "What to Wear" guide. Remember, don't over think this. And if you are over thinking it, the best thing to do is grab some simple and relaxed clothes to wear for your shoot!