Kristina & Josh Wedding | Bell Tower on 34th (Houston, TX)


So I've waited months and months for this day to share a wedding I've been excited for since the day they booked me. It was a tremendous blessing and opportunity to be able to not only photograph but witness and be a part of Kristina & Josh's big day.

On October 8th, we started out at the Sheraton where Kristina was prepping to say yes. One thing I noticed is that she had a great support team and by that I mean she had some amazing bridesmaids. Even though it was my first time meeting them, I can tell how important they are in her life. They also helped me fit in and feel right at home. It seemed as if there wasn't a nervous bone in Kristina on her day; I'm sure it's because she was so certain about marrying Josh which made for great photographs.

After, we headed on to The Bell Tower on 34th in Houston, TX  (which is now one of my favorite places to photograph a wedding) where their team did a phenomenal job orchestrating the day. The staff was very nice but more importantly, you can tell that the day was going to be very special for Kristina and Josh. As cliche as it sounds, it really felt as if love was in the air.  Both of them were absolutely stunning and looked their very best.

Congratulations Kristina and Josh. I'm very happy for you two and I am honored that I was able to be a part of you union. Love y'all and God bless.