Chateau La Joye Wedding | San Gregorio, CA


First off, I'd like to say this is one of the most exciting weddings that I was able to be a part of. From the time Thea told me they were getting married in San Gregorio, CA I was eager to follow them!

Even more beautiful were the people. Yes, on the outside everyone was extremely stunning but the entire bridal party and families truly have something special on the inside. Though we were on the west coast I felt some good ole southern hospitality from everyone, which made my job easier. And I say a job but it was more a pleasure to photograph this wedding.

Another that I can also compliment is Thea & Brandon's (Bride & Groom) love for one another. I've known Thea for a while and met Brandon a few times before the wedding. I have to say that there is no other man on this planet that would be more for her than him. I know it sounds cliche but I believe that they can finish each other's sentences and not miss a beat. One thing I kept wondering is if Brandon was going to cry when his bride walked down the isle. In all honesty, I was the one secretly weeping behind my camera as I watch them become one. I could just imagine if anyone saw me: "Why is the photographer crying?" lol. I pray that God blesses both of you to the utmost; I see that He's already done so much for you.

I also have to give a major shout out to Miss Joanne, owner of  the Chateau La Joye (the venue). Man does this lady know how to put on an event. When I arrived, she came straight up to me and asked how she could accommodate in any way. She already had a printed copy out well organized timeline of how the day would be orchestrated. This worked out perfect for me since I like to go with the flow and capture genuine moments. And that's just what i was able to do with Miss Joanne's amazing event planning skills.

Lastly, I'd like to thank the bridal party, families and wedding guests! You guys really did make me feel right at home. I feel like I've been knowing some of you for years even though it was our first time meeting. One thing I was so proud to see was how both sides of the family and friends coming together. It's like they've been knowing each other for years when some of them had just met. 

This truly was a dream wedding for me to not only capture, but witness. Thea and Brandon, I thank you so much and can't wait to take more photos for y'all in the future! Love y'all! 


Quinton Charles