Jungle Gardens Engagement | Emily & Christian (Avery Island, LA)


I'm very excited to share with you all these beautiful images. I had a great time capturing Emily and Christian. So let me give the the story on how our day went.

This day couldn't have been better. There were a few things which tried to set us back but it all worked out for our good. Originally the weather forecast predicted about 35% of rain so we were kind of worried. Needless to say, not a drop came down; so awesome! We were scheduled to arrive at Jungle Gardens in Avery Island around 4:30, which we did. However, something was wrong. We forgot a few of the outfits for the shoot and it was scorching hot out there! As a photographer, I'm used of this kind of stuff so we made it work.

As Emily's mom went to get the outfits we decided to capture a few shots (which were just captivating) and then decided to get back in the vehicle with the A/C on and talked about their upcoming wedding (which will be awesome might I add). By the time her mom (our hero of the day) got back it was a lot cooler for us to take pictures so that worked out perfectly. After that, we got so many great shots that I din't want to stop snapping. lol. I couldn't be more happy with how the day went.

I enjoyed getting to know Christian and Emily a little better than I already knew them. This couple is meant to be and I can't wait to photograph them on their big day, which I will be the 2nd shooter for one of the best photographers in this area: Meagan Andrepont. Super excited. Well here are a few pictures for you to enjoy :)