University Art Museum Engagements | Thea & Brandon (Lafayette, LA)


There is so much I can say about this couple, especially Thea. Of course it's all good things I'd have to say about them.

First off I just want to give a shout out to the fine folks at the Paul & Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum in Lafayette and also the UL Alumni Center. That is such a beautiful location to photograph anyone. I hope to do an outdoor wedding there one day. It seems like every angle is perfect for me!

Speaking of nice venues, I also can't wait to photograph Thea & Brandon's wedding which will be at the Chateau La Joye in San Gregorio, California. You should definitely head on to their website to check out the beautiful location. It'll be such a romantic day for Brandon and Thea.

I've known Thea for a while now. My camera and her has always had the best relationship that I could never figure out. They get along pretty well together. Haha. But seriously, she has always been a great model and friend.

Thea is a very motivated and driven person that can do just about anything she tries to do. She's also a great dance instructor so if you have a little one or you are looking to take some classes you should contact her. (Thea's Dance Academy) There's much more good I can say about Thea but if you take her dance class you'll get to know her better.

As for Brandon, the first time I met him was at Courtesy Dodge in Breaux Bridge. I literally thought he was a celebrity the first time I saw him. lol. He just looked like he played in a movie or something. What I do know about him is that he's a great guy that's in love with his fiancee. They make the perfect match because they are both dedicated in all that they do. You can see that just by looking at their social networks pages. Brandon made it very easy for me to photograph him and his fiancee as he gave me total control to position them for the shots. Thanks bud.

They have so much memories and life ahead of them. Can't wait for the wedding!