Lauren & Waylon Wedding


So I'm trying to think of one word to describe the Seneca Wedding but I can't use just one word. This day was just beyond great in every way.

It started off with the videographer and I arriving to Lauren's house as she prepped for one of the biggest moments of her life. She was excited and so was I. The man she married happens to be one of my really good friends. There's no other person on this planet that would be a better match for her.

One moment of that day that I was thrilled to see was Waylon crying. Unfortunately, he didn't but you can see the excitement in his rosy cheeks in just about every picture. I'm convinced that he was crying on the inside. I've known Waylon for most of my life and haven't seen him happier than he was on his wedding day. One thing about Waylon he put all of himself into something when he is passionate. That's how it was in football. No matter how tired or hurt he was he gave a thousand percent on each down. And I can see that he's even more passionate about his bride. Lauren, you are blessed to have a guy that will give all of himself and even more to you. There so much more I can say about Waylon from our inside jokes to laughing at the whole movie Gothika (especially the part when the train bumped the back of her car). 

So one thing I've realized about Lauren is she seems to be the most organized/planned out person that I've ever met. I'm sure Waylon could use some that (all of us guys can use it). I wish I was that organized. You will definitely need it when y'all have those little feet running around the house, which I can't wait for. One other thing I noticed about Lauren was how much she loves and care for Waylon. Unfortunately, toward the end of the bridal shoot (which was fortunate that it wasn't the beginning) we found out that Waylon had a little accident at work and immediately I saw the worry on her face for him. At that moment, I knew my boy would be in good hands as I saw her love for him.

So it's very evident that these to belong together. It was such a great time photographing there wedding, especially when we got to the reception place at Buck & Johnny's in Breaux Bridge. The atmosphere and decorations was spot on. Couldn't have asked for a better time with the Seneca's. Congratulations and I pray you are having an awesome time on your honey moon! Love y'all.