Taylor + Ruslan | Kisatchie Forest

It's been a busy few weeks in this year but we are glad to be back with yet another interesting love story. It all started at our church, Philadelphia Christian Church, for the Revive Soul Live event where Ruslan proposed to his, then, girlfriend Taylor. Man he was so bold that he did it before the show in front of everyone on the Revive Soul Team. Major props to you Rus.

I've only known them both for about a year now but my wife has known Taylor for quite some time. We love that Taylor has an interest in photography herself and also Rus is big into vlogging. Seriously, Rus captures EVERYTHING. You're going to have the greatest collection of memories man and that's such a great thing.

Our day as Kisatchie Forest was wonderful. I have to admit. At first, I was a little bit nervous and skeptical about the steep hills. However, I got over it once I was captivated by the beauty of Kisatchie. There's not other place like this in this area.

One thing we can pull from this day with Ruslan and Taylor is that they love adventures just like us. It wouldn't surprise me that they go far away to a like a gorgeous vista or something for their honeymoon. Y'all did a fantastic guys! So ready for the wedding!