Kristen + Ryan | Tunica Hills

So since the first day of the booking process we were extremely excited to work with Kristen and Ryan. She reached out on Facebook to us and literally every message was filled with anticipation of their engagement photos. In the booking process we found out some pretty cool stuff about them. So I'm sure you've ran across this in Winn Dixie or Walmart: The Cajun Spoon dry mix dinners! Am I the only one who thinks it's super cool that they have their own company, The Cajun Spoon, with products in Walmart/Winn Dixie. And get this, THEY'RE ONLY IN THEIR TWENTIES! And to add more awesomeness, I found out that Kristen is also a graphic designer. And if that wasn't enough, how about they are both musicians! I'm sorry y'all; I just really had to brag on them.

So we started out at the beautiful Tunica Hills in Mississippi where we met with Ryan and Kristen for the first time. Getting to know them was a blast to find they are amazing folks as well as entrepreneurs. Talking with Ryan and Kristen was such a pleasure on our little adventure. As we conversed I couldn't help but feel like we have a lot in common and like I've known them for years.

With that being said, it made it super easy for us capture their story. Every moment felt like it was part of a dream. I'm telling you, there is something special about he connection between the two and we love exposing it! From the very beginning of the photoshoot we could feel the chemistry in the atmosphere that helped us to preserve their moments. If we could, we would definitely do this photoshoot all over again for the experience.


So before we end this blog we have to give another shout out to The Cajun Spoon. In our research we found that for every boxed dinner sold, the cajun cuisine company will donate a meal to the food bank. We've also discovered that their dinners are very tasty without compromising the health benefits of typical cajun food. All their dinners are low in sodium and contains no MSG whatsoever. Overall, we can conclude that their company is not just a business but a conglomerate that reflects their own personality; dedicated folks to serving and giving back. You can visit their website here:

And also we would like to give another shout out to Kristen for her graphic design. We totally love her work and style of design. Kristen's creativity inspired us in many ways and we are hoping to do business with her in the future!!! You can check out here work here: and on instagram @kristenseneca.

Kristen and Ryan we thank you so much for your time and your friendship. We will value every bit of it for the rest of our lives! And thanks for your inspiration and your beautiful hearts!