Boudreaux Wedding | Stone Oaks

Wow. I am beyond ecstatic to share such a great love story with you all. This is the story of Ryan and Brittany and their beautiful wedding.

The first time I met Brittany was a wedding I second shot for a few years back as she was a bride's maid; so it was no surprise to see her friend and maid of honor Courtney. As for Ryan, the first time I ran into him was at a boat shop I went to with a friend of mine. For their engagement shoot, I knew he looked familiar from somewhere. Well it turns out that his family actually owns the boat shop! And by the way, if you're ever in need of some some repairs done to your boat or you want to buy, The Prop Shop is the best way to go. Getting you back on the water is their main goal.

So little did I know I'd be capturing their wedding when I met Brittany and Ryan. I am proud to say that I'm appreciative and fortunate for them selecting me. 

So just to give you a little back story, Ryan and Brittany are high school sweethearts. Now how awesome is that, I mean really. As you may already know, Ryan is boat guy. From everything I hear from everyone this guy has a huge passion for boats. The groom's cake was actually a replica of his boat! And Brittany is a 3rd grade teacher, one of the best is what has been whispered to me. So it's no surprise that Brittany had some of the most patience in every aspect of planning her big day.

The day started off to me arrive to her while she was getting her hair and make up done with her brides. The excitement was building up as the hours passed by. One thing that stuck out to me that day were the letters that she and Ryan wrote to each other. They didn't read them aloud but I can assure you that I heard every word as they read silently. It was like the atmosphere was filled with their hearts pouring out to one another. I know it's cliche but love was definitely in the air. Am I making any sense? lol. That was definitely the most special moment is that day for me. Inside I was crying the whole time like the letters were intended for me. haha

Overall, the Boudreaux wedding was wonderful day to capture. To Ryan and Brittany, I wish you the best of times and endless happiness. You both are perfect for each other and I can certainly see that you are better together. Thank you again for choosing me.

p.s. Enjoy the new home!!! Congrats on that too!