Angelle Wedding | Beau Jardin (Natchitoches, LA)

Back with another blog post! This time I'm super stoked to introduce share the beautiful union of Courtney and Tre!

I still remember the day Courtney contacted me for their outdoor wedding; It was a Tuesday night and I was at bible study. At the moment I couldn't talk but I was very eager to respond to her the very next day! For the next few weeks we conversed about how their day would flow at the Beau Jardin, which is very beautiful might I add.

Something that stuck out to me about their destination is the uniqueness. While I was there, I found out that Natchitoches is the first established town of Louisiana. With it's deep roots and history I felt that it was it's own little world out there. There is definitely something distinct in the culture that you can't find anywhere else. I could describe Natchitoches as a chef's secret legendary recipe that everyone tries to duplicate but can't.

I'd say that Courtney and Tre's union is much like the town of Natchitoches; filled with timeless moments and a love story that most can only dream about. Though they met as adults you would think that Tre and Courtney were together for decades! I not only felt that though them, but their families as well. I've never witnessed two families coming together as good as the Kerry and Angelle family. Courtney and Tre are truly blessed with an amazing support team. I had the greatest weekend getting to know each and everyone one of them.

It's not by coincidence that the people and place of their wedding was the express image of the Courtney and Tre. Congratulations to you both and I pray that your journey together would be blessed and highly favored by God. May your days be filled with joy, peace, prosperity and most of all Jesus! I pray that He be the center and the rock of your marriage.

Thanks again.