Amanda + Nick Engagements

I'll start out by saying I had an amazing time meeting Amanda and Nick. From the moment I took the first picture and looked at my lcd, I realized that this would be another wedding that I'd anticipate.

We started off the day at Parc Lafayette where I met them for the first time. Amanda is this sweet girl that also does dancing. Y'all should check her out. I shamefully stalked her instagram when I found out that she danced with Thea, another awesome bride we had last year. At first glance I noticed Nick had an extremely familiar face. (but my wife tells me that everyone looks familiar to me lol). He really looks like he'd be some kind of actor or celebrity. haha So I did tell Nick how familiar he looked and as we got to talking we realized that we were together at Academy years ago. Small world huh!!

But the real connection wasn't between Nick and I. It was the beautiful bond that he and his fianc√© shares that attracts me to their story so much. Nick and Amanda are the type of couple you'd see in a movie, except they are real! One thing I noticed about Amanda is she loves to be really close to the guy that loves her the most. There is definitely a palpable energy created between them when they are together. I absolutely cannot wait to share the rest of their love story with you.

I look forward to the big day Nick and Amanda. :)