Cadie + Jack Engagements

Well hello everyone. I'm back here with another amazing couple to spotlight, Cadie and Jack. It's definitely safe to say that everything about their engagement shoot was on point. From the moment we arrived to rice field (yes you read correctly, rice field) and took the first test shot, I knew it would be a memorable session.

We started out at the rice field where Jack works and it was so awesome to see the huge tractors in their shots. So it was great incorporate his place of work but even more so, it was sentimental for how much the location meant to Cadie as well. Her late father was heavy into agriculture so it made the session that much more important. From the way Cadie has talked about her father to me, I can tell he was a great man and would have totally loved to meet him.

I can see the great man that Jack is and the wonderful husband that he will be to you Cadie. Your dad would be a proud man to know that his daughter is gaining the perfect man to protect, love and comfort her. 

One thing I've noticed through out our session was how well they complement each other. Call me crazy but I couldn't help but think of vinegar, salad and marriage when capturing the two...let me explain. So alone, I don't think anyone wants to drink vinegar straight out of the bottle. However, vinegar can be supplementary to a good salad. They just go well together. And it led me to think of the famous scripture in Genesis 2:18, " And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." That's Cadie and Jack in a nutshell. The only difference is that they are pretty cool people alone...but let's be honest, Cadie and Jack don't want to be alone. They are better with each other and you can see that in the way they mesh together in every moment.

Well enough my preaching lol; I had such a great time capturing their love and I am so excited for the wedding. I'm definitely counting the days down

Congrats again Cadie & Jack.