Raisa + Jeff Engagements

Hello everyone,

Just thought I'd leave you with a sweet little blog post going into the weekend. I'm super pumped to share part two of Raisa & Jeff's engagement session with you all. Raisa and Jeff is the kind of couple that you'd totally see in a movie about love. Seriously though, they both look like actors and are so photogenic. i love their sort of hipster/vintage/boho style if that's the correct way to describe. It is always a pleasure to meet with them both, which is why I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

YES, TOMORROW IS WEDDING DAY AND I CANNOT KEEP CALM. I've been waiting for their special day for a few months and the anticipation is definitely killing me. Definitely stay tuned for another blog post of the wedding! :)

Until then, enjoy these goodies from Jeff & Raisa.