Jessica + Michael (Lake Charles, LA)


It's been quite some time but I'm here with another beautiful day to present to you. Even more so, two beautiful souls, Michael & Jessica.

I have to start off by saying that I'm in love with Jessica's style. She is really into that rustic decorum that I absolutely love. She's also very much into Spanish Moss. She loves it so much that she included it in her bouquet. I mean really...who does that? It was such a cool detail and I definitely think she's gonna start a trend with that one. Plus she had sticks in her bouquet, another really different feature I appreciated. Aside from her style Jessica is one of the sweetest people in this world!

I also got to spend some time with Michael as well. I'll have you know that this guy has one of the coolest jobs in the world; he works as a digital forensic technician. I think that's the correct term. haha. Either way, it was so cool because I had to send one of my external hard drives to him that was going out. It was awesome for him to educate me on some tech stuff. One of my favorite moments was his reaction when he saw his bride on the first look. Can I tell you that it was a priceless moment. Nothing else mattered to him, but Jessica, in that moment.

Overall, I enjoyed my time with Jessica and Michael. They both have awesome families that made the day that much better. Also, they are totally super duper compatible and supplementary to each other. They complete each other. So cliche but so true.

Thank y'all for showing me a good time in Lake Charles, LA

Shout out to everyone else they hired that day:


Videography: Apercu Films (pronounced app-err-soo)

Hair: Haute Couture

Makeup: Dermalogix

Florist: Paradise Florist

Decorations: Occasions by Roderick Stutes

Venue: Historic Cash & Carry (Empire of the Seed)