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Raisa + Jeff Engagements

Just thought I'd leave you with a sweet little blog post going into the weekend. I'm super pumped to share part two of Raisa & Jeff's engagement session with you all. Raisa and Jeff is the kind of couple that you'd totally see in a movie about love. Seriously though, they both look like actors and are so photogenic. i love their sort of hipster/vintage/boho style if that's the correct way to describe. It is always a pleasure to meet with them both, which is why I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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Candice & DeQuan | Sunset, LA

I had the pleasure of capturing the union of Candice and Dejuan. They are truly complete each other's puzzle. 

I went to school with Candice and she was always kind, polite and happy. I don't ever remember seeing her down. However, on her wedding day I saw a side of her I had never before seen. This seemed to be the most exciting point in her life. That day, a true love story was made between the two. It seemed almost as if it were a fairy tail. Every element of the day was magical. Her husband I had never met before the wedding but I could tell that he's the only one right for her. I can also see that there is bright future ahead of this lovely couple.

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