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Charlotte + Beau Engagements | Avery Island

Charlotte and Beau are the type of people that loves strong and hard. They hold tight and never let go. In their eyes, the love for each other trumps any obstacle they face. They will drop EVERYTHING just have that one special moment with each other. Thats exactly what I saw when photographing them. Every now and then I'd notice Beau whispering something to her. Whatever he said definitely made her feel like nothing else in the world matters but their love for each another.

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Sunny Meade Nuptials | Lafayette, LA (James & Brittnie)

So here's my first blog post and I'm excited to share with you this wedding I did a few years about at Sunny Meade in Scott, LA. Not only was this wedding beautiful but the love story behind it was much more. Through out the day I could feel the love in the air. It helped me capture amazing moments. You could see at first site that Brittnie & James are perfect for each other. That day couldn't have been better. 

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