Well you've made it to the "What to wear page." I've designed this little guide to help our couples decide on what to wear for their sessions. Your outfits can definitely be the difference between a SUPER AWESOME session and a 'not so good' session. Hence, the reason for creating vital tips and instructions of your war drobe.



  • stick to solid neutral and earth colors that contrast each other.

  • browns, mustards, blacks, creams, white, grays

  • DO NOT wear the same colors.

  • colors should compliment each other

  • contrast between light and dark colors.

Patterns & Designs

  • Stay away from patterns or clothing with designs

  • patterns and designs can be distracting in photos

  • it's best to wear solid colors

  • if a pattern is worn it shouldn't be too busy

It Has To Fit

  • avoid wearing clothing too tight

  • wear something relaxed you can move around in


Layers & Accessories

  • layers and accessories are cool and fun

  • hats, jackets, blankets, etc

  • make sure it goes with what you are wearing


The main key for us is COLORS. Our work is optimal when you follow the color guidelines. This is so important that we put it twice! Please stay away from being uniform in color. Our best advice is to pick 3 colors to incorporate in your wardrobe; two main colors and an accent color is usually best. For you to understand the colors we are talking about we put together this palette of earth tones.

***we love browns, blacks, mustards, & creams | our style of editing works best with these colors. ***


***pictured below are some good examples of what to wear***



Thank you for taking the time to view the "What to Wear" guide. Remember, don't over think this. And if you are over thinking it, the best thing to do is grab some simple and relaxed clothes to wear for your shoot!